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THE DARKSIDE EXPERIMENT (Talk at DAvCo 2017 - Odense, Denmark)

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DarkSide is a staged experimental project based on radiopure argon
with the aim of direct dark matter searches.
The present DarkSide-50 detector, operating underground at the INFN
Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is a dual-phase, 50 kg, liquid argon
time-projection-chamber surrounded by an active liquid scintillator
veto and by an external water Cherenkov detector.
It is designed to be background free in 3 years of operation. DS-50
filled with underground argon shows an impressive reduction of the
Ar-39 isotope. The current status of the DS-50 detector will be
reported and its performances and results will be discussed.
The application of this powerful technology in a future generation of
the DarkSide program proceeding with a multi-ton detector will be
discussed and the ongoing activities and facilities related to the new
large underground argon detector will be described.
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