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Direct dark matter detection with the DarkSide-50 experiment

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The existence of dark matter is known because of its gravitational effects, and although its nature remains undisclosed, there is a growing indication that the galactic halo could be permeated by weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) with mass of the order of 100 GeV/c^2 and coupling with ordinary matter at or below the weak scale.
In this context, DarkSide-50 aims to direct observe WIMP-nucleon collisions in a liquid argon dual phase time-projection chamber located deep underground at Gran Sasso National Laboratory, in Italy.
In this work a re-analysis of the data that led to the best limit on WIMP-nucleon cross section with an argon target is done.
As starting point of the new approach, the energy reconstruction of events is considered: a new energy variable is developed where anti-correlation between ionization and scintillation produced by an interaction is taken into account. As first result, a better energy resolution is achieved.
In this new energy framework, access is granted to micro-physics parameters fundamental to argon scintillation such as the recombination and quenching as a function of the energy.
The improved knowledge of recombination and quenching allows to develop a new model for distinguish between events possibly due to WIMPs and backgrounds. In light of the new model, the final result of this work is a more stringent limit on spin independent WIMP-nucleon cross section with an argon target.
This work was supervised by Marco Pallavicini and was completed in collaboration with members of the DarkSide collaboration.
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