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A wide range of observational evidence suggests that the matter content of the Universe is dominated by a non-baryonic and non-luminous component: dark matter. One of the most favored candidates for dark matter is a big-bang relic population of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). The DarkSide program aims to the direct detection of WIMPs with a dual-phase liquid argon TPC and a background free exposure. The first phase of the experiment, DarkSide-50, is running since Oct 2013 and has (46 ± 0.7) kg active mass. A first run, with an atmospheric argon fill (AAr), provided the most sensitive limit ever obtained by an argon-based experiment. The current run, with an underground argon fill (UAr, depleted in 39Ar), represents a milestone towards the construction of DarkSide-20k, a low-background dual-phase TPC with a fiducial mass of 20 t.
This work is been mainly devoted to the description of G4DS, the DarkSide Monte Carlo simulation, and to its applications. G4DS is a GEANT4-based simulation, it provides the geometry description of each detector of the DarkSide program, it is tuned to reproduce the DarkSide-50 response at the percent level and incorporates a custom model for ionisation and scintillation mechanisms in liquid argon, tuned on real data. The principal applications of the simulation include the estimate of the neutron and gamma backgrounds for DarkSide-50, the measurement of the 39Ar depletion factor in UAr with respect to AAr and the design studies for DarkSide-20k.
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