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Recent resuts from DARKSIDE

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DARKSIDE is a multi-stage program devoted to the direct detection of Dark Matter particles with a double phase liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber. Presently the DARKSIDE-50 detector is running underground at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. It is placed inside a 30 t liquid organic scintillator sphere, acting as a neutron veto and hosted by a 10 kt water Cherenkov detector. The DARKSIDE-50 setup with TPC filled with atmospheric argon is operating since November 2013 and we report here the first results of a Dark Matter search for a (1422 ± 67) kg×d truly background-free exposure. It can be translated into a 90% C.L. upper limit on the WIMP-nucleon cross section of 6.1×10−44 cm2, for a WIMP mass of 100 GeV/c2, being up to date the strongest limit obtained with an argon target.
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