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DarkSide-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
80-v2 Distillation Column cryocooler/heater interlock Boris Baldin Distillation Column
Underground Argon
14 Apr 2016
658-v1 Talk at Cryogenic Engineering Conference June 2013 Cary L Kendziora Distillation Column
DarkSide 50
12 Aug 2013
575-v1 Fermilab Argon purification process stream Henning O Back Distillation Column
14 Mar 2013
406-v4 Patras 2012 Talk Ben Loer Distillation Column
Low Background Ar Detector
DarkSide 50
10 kg
Extraction Plant
18 Jul 2012
66-v3 Public Photos and Schematics of Distillation Column and Booster Henning O Back et al. Distillation Column
Underground Argon
14 Oct 2011
78-v1 11 April 2011 - All Experimenters Meeting (FNAL) Henning O Back Distillation Column
11 Apr 2011

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