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DarkSide-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1042-v2 Howtoaddanauthortothedocdb Stephen H Pordes Docdb, ID, Accounts
02 Dec 2018
2523-v1 Thesis Links - Official Institution Links for Theses .. Jeff Martoff et al. Thesis LInks
11 Feb 2018
475-v6 RevH Bases (Cuflon and Cirlex) Sten Hansen et al. PMTs
PMT Bases
15 Mar 2016
1408-v1 AEM Report 2-9-15 and 11-16-15 Stephen H Pordes Talks
DarkSide 50
16 Nov 2015
457-v7 Getting an ID and an account at FNAL Ken Herner et al. Docdb, ID, Accounts
04 Nov 2015
1311-v1 DarkSide Data Management Plan - submitted to DOE June 25 2015 Stephen H Pordes Computing
06 Jul 2015
1085-v4 Response to Computing Divisions' request for request for resources .. Ken Herner et al. Computing
22 Jun 2015
1231-v1 Slides given to Erik Ramberg for talk on Detector R&D at Fermilab AEM Stephen H Pordes To others
16 May 2015
1186-v1 Article in Fermilab Today October 14 2014 Stephen H Pordes References
05 Apr 2015
477-v1 Talk on DarkSide to All Experimenters Meeting (AEM) 12-3-2012 Stephen H Pordes Talks
19 Jan 2015
360-v16 The DarkSide Collaboration Cristiano Galbiati et al. People
15 Jul 2014
764-v1 Photos of People for 2014-2-19 Collaboration meeting Drew Alton et al. People
23 Feb 2014
17-v1 DarkSide docdb Primer Stephen H Pordes Docdb, ID, Accounts
25 Jul 2013
636-v1 AEM talk 7-15-13 Stephen H Pordes DarkSide 50
16 Jul 2013
23-v1 IHEP-DarkSide Meeting Feb 13-16 2011 Cristiano Galbiati et al. Talks
14 Feb 2011
66-v3 Public Photos and Schematics of Distillation Column and Booster Henning O Back et al. Underground Argon
Distillation Column
14 Oct 2011
100-v1 Talk at FCPA Mini-Retreat 5/13/2011 Stephen H Pordes Talks
13 May 2011

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