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DarkSide-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1947-v1 Direct dark matter detection with the DarkSide-50 experiment Luca Pagani PSD
70 day UAr
Veto Stuff
Energy Scale
10 Feb 2018
1635-v1 Direct dark matter detection with the DarkSide experiment Luca Pagani Talks
17 Feb 2017
1391-v1 Rivelazione diretta di materia oscura con DarkSide: sviluppo, installazione e collaudo del rivelatore di neutroni Luca Pagani DarkSide 50
10 Oct 2015
758-v0 Veto Electronics - 3 Luca Pagani Water Tank
Neutron Veto
11 Feb 2014

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